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Silkkinen runohuivi 53 x 53 cm, kaksinkertainen silkki, 3 eri runovaihtoehtoa!

Runoja silkillä....Kaksinkertaisesta twill silkistä valmistettu runohuivi. Huivin koko n. 53 x 53 cm, materiaali kestävä ja helmenhohtoinen twill silkki. Kangas on huivissa kaksinkertaisena joka tekee huivista erityisen lämpimän ja ihoa hellivän. Helppohoitoinen vesipestävä silkki. Kolme eri väriä (oikea ja nurja puoli erilainen). 60,-/kpl

Kankaan oikealla puolella runo ja alla eri värivaihtoehtojen runot "Knotted words":

1) kullankeltainen: " Be Mindfule Of What you Think And Careful of What You Say.
Let sweet words be the only ones to leave your lips. Let kind thoughts be the loudest in your mind. Let gentleness be the feeling that moves your hands. And let your love be the force that guides you through the sunshine and the rain."

2)harmaa/musta: "Your Time id Yours Alone. Take A Breath And Use It.
Celebrate the first breath of every morning and the last sigh of every night. Time runs like sand through your fingers. And all the days gifted to you, my dear and lovely and then they are gone. But as long as you breathe in your own stillness you'll breathe in your own stillness.You breath out things yu can´t change- fill your lugns with peace. Feeling every inhale and enhale - making the time your own.

3)vaaleanpunainen: " When Everything Is Quiet, Take Time To Listen To Your Soul. My dear friend, trust the process. Timing is never wrong. When the quiet season comes, be still anyway. Breath, love and meditate. Savor the sound of silence. Listen to the whispering within you. Revel in the depths of your mind. You will not be left behing. Others will race while you rise."

Hinta alk.60.00 €


Tuote Hinta Varastosaldo
1)kullankeltainen kts. runo alla60.00 €3 kpl
2)harmaa/musta kts. runo alla60.00 €2 kpl
3)vaaleanpunainen kts. runo alla60.00 €2 kpl